Every time I hotsync, it redownloads everything even when I just have the install conduit on. None if this stuff even appears in the download window. It just loads it up on to again. I just want the few prcs that I put there but it loads everything all overagain, on top of things I have moved and then I have to go delete files I had previously moved to the SD card, and clean up my whole system, never mind the increase time it took to download.

Program is troubled. And then it asks for a reset on top! It really screws everything up. I have all the Avantgo settings to load the pages to the SD card and it undid those, I had all my clock skins in SD and they all got moved into RAM, etc. It will take me an hour to correct this.

Basically I cannot load any new prcs without it doing this.

Any way to turn this off?