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    I flashed with the sound quality patch about 5-6 days ago and while the sound quality is certainly improved (from what I'm told and my testing), it is still fairly crappy. Especially for a $600 phone. I just made an appointment at the Sprint store and had to repeat myself to the girl on the phone several times because I was "cutting out", yet I had two bars of signal strength.

    What have everyone else's post patch experiences been like? Should I bother trying to return this phone to Sprint and patch another? Could there be two issues here? A bad batch of phones, as was initially theorized, combined with buggy software?

    My time to return this thing is running out fast and I'd appreciate everyone's feedback!
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    I know I'm not the only one who flashed!

    .....rre you all 100% satisfied with your call quality now??
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    Mine's as clear as a landline, post-patch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick
    Mine's as clear as a landline, post-patch.
    I second that! And im a picky person.
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    Never patched. Never needed to. Sorry. Great phone here.
    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
    Treo 700p on Sprint
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    Mine is great
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    I've actually had a few instances of static after applying the patch ..anyone else expirence this ...
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    I was about to start a thread about this. I have had an improvement, even my pickiest friend commented that my phone sounded better without me telling him I patched it.

    However, when I was driving down the interstate into a strong wind, with lots of road noise, my sister said it was awful! I was cutting out bad! Once I pulled off the interstate, she said it sounded great again. So it seems we still have a problem with environments with a lot of background noise.

    And yes, I have the patch, the unedited one from Palm.
    Blue Skies,
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    Mine stilll cuts out at times (appparently) but it is better.
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    where can you find the patch from palm, i didnt know there was an official one i thought it was stil shadowmite
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    Exactly. If there's a "real" one out there, I'd love to try it out. But I'm not gonna run anything unofficial. I've apparently got the only perfect T650 out there, and I dont want to mess it up.
    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
    Treo 700p on Sprint
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    Mine's great too, no sound-patch needed as far as I am concerned...
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    What patch are you guys talking about? I can't find it on the PalmOne site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NDPTAL85
    What patch are you guys talking about? I can't find it on the PalmOne site.
    It was never officially released by P1, at least not yet. It was leaked to a TC user, and since then it has been removed from threads containing a direct link to the file. You can find it on Shadowmite's site.
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    Thanks awesterink, Yes the patch I have is the one leaked from Palm One, not a modified one from Shadowmite.
    Blue Skies,
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    still getting complaints here....

    a lot of

    "step out of the echo chamber!"
    "you're cutting out"

    It seems to be pretty bad when you try to talk at the same time that the other person is talking. This has never really been a strong point of cell phones because of the delay, but in this case it seems like when the other person talks, my mic cuts out for a sec if they have BG noise, the conversation is damn difficult.

    Hope a real, better patch comes out soon...this is getting ridiculous.

    BTW - I was at the sprint store the other day and I asked the girl helping me if they were getting a lot of the 650s back. And she said "yeah, bad speakers or something". Yeah...something like that.
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    I am having the same sound concerns.... what should I do? I have had 2 forends tell me that I cut out on the call..... I haven't had any patches yet.... could use some advise on this....
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    Mine was fine before the patch and still fine after the patch. I often ask how the signal is and everyone so far has said perfect.
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    If you have the patch and its still not great, I wouldn't be too worried yet. They are probably still tweaking the patch, which is why there's no official release yet. Hopefully
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    Mine works great without patch...Never had any problems even in some remote louisiana bayous. Hi Gadzilla nice to see another louisiana person here!
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