Ok, we have the:

speakerphone sound clarity issue,
the versamail soft reset issue,
intermittent elcheapo prepackaged earbud issue,
I lost count of the general software issues.

Ok, to clarify myself... Has Palmone been notified of all the actual bugs (not annoying things we'd prefer to be different).

Anyone working on a simple patch to fix all these problems? I know shadowmight has been working these issues a lot. To be honest, I don't think he should be. It's not his fault that this phone was released with so many bugs. Palm needs to get off their butts and get these real bugs fixed and get an eassily applied patch out to all treo 650 owners. I would think a small patch fix placed on a 64 meg, or even smaller sd card and mailed to all owners that requested the free sd card would be a good start. Or possibly emailing the patch (most likely would required a card anyway, hence the patch on a card idea) Ideas?

I just don't feel like we should have to fix all these problems. We need to hold Palm1's feet to the fire here! Make them fix the $600 device they sold to sprint! Or, make sprint fix it... who will in turn make palm fix it so back to the original plan... What say you?