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    Greetings all: I'm trying to gain control over my finances and am looking for a tool that will allow me to basically keep a running register, while also incorporating budgeting functions. For example, I'd like to enter a number (Say $1,000) and from that figure enter purchases and subtract the purchase amount from that $1k starting point. Not sure if that makes sense, but hopefully you get the gist. I've tried pocket quicken in the past, and while it worked ok, I can't recall if it had the sort of budget features I'm looking for. I've since lost my key and am exploring options before dropping down more money to purchase it again (always choose the "cd" option - that's my lesson learned!) Anyone using something that they think would fit the bill? Right now this would be run on my tungsten/t - though once I get my treo 650 from vienna channels, I'll be moving it to the 650. My hope is that with a little discipline and the arrival of the 650, my pda will always be with me whenever I make purchases. Thanks in advance and I'm looking for freeware or a commercially available product. Not worried about the price, so long as it works and isn't buggy.

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    Try SplashMoney. You can get it free from Handango right now. Its part of their year-end give-away. They are giving away one application per week. The week for SplashMoney has passed, but I've read that if you use the code 'freeapp' you can still download it free. I think there are directions on the site for this, too. If SplashMoney doesn't work, you might consider using a spreadsheet (DocsToGo).

    Also, I'm sure if you email the makers of Pocket Quicken, they can give you your activation key.
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    Hey Rattler,
    I too use PQ and for me it is a perfect solution. I track all of my accounts and credit card. Things sync nice with Quicken on my mac.
    I am sure you can get your activation key from the developer. With all the money you'll save from being fiscally responsible you can make a donation to jfmcdowell357's get out of debt fund lol. Merry Xmas!
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