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    They rock, are practical and 99% of them are freeware. IRSwitch lets you turn off/on IR without exiting your app. CalCal is a great pop-up calc. The best are the launchers which let you configure the silkscreen buttons to launch DAs and apps by one tap, or several configurable swipes.

    For example, my calc lets me simple-tap-open graffiti help, currency converter, pop-up calc (with cut and paste possibilities) and normal (advanced Visor) calc. A swipe from my app button to the menu opens the last app/da used, bypassing the Launcher. You can also pull up a historic, or a startbar type list of all apps. Now I jump from app to app and I don't think I've seen the launcher in a while.

    Why doesn't anybody talk about these things?
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    I have no idea why no one talks about them. I discovered them recently (during a search for IRSwitch) and installed App/DA Launcher. WOW!
    I gave it to a friend who'd had his IIIx for a year or so, he'd never heard of them but thought it was one of the coolest apps he's got.

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    I think that part of the problem may be the lack of good documentation, especially in English. I'm new to the Palm OS, and had a difficult time just understanding what DA's were and what they can do. Many of the apps docs are still in need of english translations and I think that may be what's holding some of these back.

    I tried a few DA's but wasn't really sure what they did and what the different Launchers did. I'm still confused (normal for me). CaleSche for example. It looks like it's just a pop-up calendar but the blurb makes it sound like it can interface to other applications. I can't figure out how to do that. Any good Japanese-->English translators out there?
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    DA's are great I am glad you posted the site info for them. MY only regret is that there arent more of them!!!!!!!

    Every owner should get some!!
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    I too am astonished that there hasn't been more discussion about this. I'd never heard of DAs until this post, but I loaded up a bunch after reading it and love them! Some of the functionality is redundant with what I've already got on my IVX, but making things easier is what the Visor is all about, right?

    I wonder whether people just haven't found these yet, whether they think the initial post is a "come on" to buy something, or whether they just don't think they're necessary?
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    How about listing your favorite DA's with a brief explanation of their functionality.

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