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    I've downloaded a couple of programs that I thought would help me access Word documents on my visor. First does anybody have a good recommendation that doesn't cost much but will allow you to read a Word document. It gets old pasting into memo's and only getting about 4,000 characters. I have Palm Docs but can't seem to get it to work. Is there documentation for this. Please advise. I also have a freeware version of Smart Docs and C Spot Run - can these be used to view Word Docs. Help?
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    hey luv2fish,

    so do i.

    i use "docinout" i don't remember which site i got it from but it's a windows program that automatically installs itself, so that when you right click on a text document on your usual menu it has added...'make pilot doc'. That way you save your word documents in text format. then right click on it in explorer and 'make pilot doc' then install this doc on your visor (like you install everything else) and you'll be able to read it in CSpotRun.

    I'm sure there are programs out there that will do the same with word documents, but this is free. if you can't find it, email me and i'll send you the zip file.

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    Check this site out:

    I have been using the trial version and it seems to work pretty well other than the nagging, so I think I'm going to drop the ~20 bucks on it. The downside is you also have to have the word processor QED that is available from the above site - they get you for another 23 bucks. I don't really know if it's worth it, but I haven't found anything else that will let me convert docs back and forth! Let me know if anything else comes up...

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    What is the general concensus on Richreader?

    Patiently waiting for a visor to call my own...
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    Hey HoserinUSA

    does docinout work with MS .doc's?

    or do i have to convert to text first?

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    Go get Palmdocs and QED. Both great products for what you want and cost little.

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