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    1. Palm os4 use dragonball CPU , and new Palm use OS5 ARM base CPU ,
    why software can automatic switch run apps on OS4/5 ??

    2. PPC PDA also use ARM base CPU , why OS5 Palm can not convert PPC software to Palm ?? like x86 PC linux/windows can use vmware tool emulator
    as I know only PPC have ”pocketPalm” can emulator Palm OS3 , why not emulator ppc on palm PDA ?
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    likely b/c palm machine don't have power & enough mem & multi task to run emulator & ppc app @ sametime.....& palm don't want us to see "the grass is greener" :-)
    I don't know....
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    another problem , as I know dragball CPU & ARM have different instruction set ,why
    some apps can use on Dragonball & ARM ??
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    arm as compiled for palm os is able to emulate native 68k dragonball code just like a 686 can emulate 386 code.

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