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    I bought my 650 from palmOne, had what appeared to be a hardware problem (not relevant to this discussion), and got a replacement. I recorded the info on the plastic panel under the battery, and noticed a difference in the preprinted info. Under the FCC code (O8FMADECA on both), there's some sort of "IC" code. On my first phone, it was:

    IC: 3959A-MADECA

    On the replacement, it was:

    IC: 3905A-MADECA

    Anyone know what this means? Both phones report "Hardware: A" in the Phone Info screen. I'm speculating it is some sort of production code. I was wondering what codes other people have, and whether they correlate at all to some of the problems that have been discussed on other forums (e.g. the microphone sound quality issue). So, if you don't mind, post your code, and mention whether you are experiencing any problems that might be hardware related (or not experiencing any).

    Maybe this will help me decide which one to return ;-). Both seem to work okay as PDAs, but I haven't activated either one yet with Sprint, so I can't check the phone sound quality.

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    I got IC:3905A-MADECA, i think you might have just typed or wrote and extra 9 on the first one. I had the sound quality issue but not its alot better. I did not get a software upgrade or update.
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    Nope, that's no typo -- I've looked at these side by side (because I had the same thought myself), and the first one I received definitely says "3959A".

    Did you mean to say your sound quality improved? How?
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    I've got a "IC: 3959A-MADECA".

    BTW, I found out that if you remove the battery, but have the phone plugged into the charger it stays powered up and usuable! The battery icon is an empty outline with a lightning bolt. Makes sense, I just didn't expect it.
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    I've got a "IC: 3959A-MADECA" also.
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    I've got the "IC: 3959A-MADECA" and had terrible trouble with my voice quality. The unofficial patch seems to have solved the problems on the receiving end, but I still think there's alot more echo on my end (at times) than there should be. At least the patch made this thing usable--it was a mandatory return before that.
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    I have 3905A, mine works great without any mods like the rom patch ... etc
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    I forgot to mention that I bought mine at a sprint store a couple of weeks ago.
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    Well i have 3905A-MADECA and my sounded like crap. So there goes that idea.

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