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    OK, so I don't have butler, I didn't restore from a Treo 600 to a Treo 650 and I don't have any corrupted pictures in my contacts....BUT my frikken Treo 650 was resetting every time I HotSync'd...

    Tonite I did a little troubleshooting and discovered that both TreoGuard and PowerUp 1.8 cause my Treo 650 to reset after Hotsync every time. I installed and reinstalled, enabled and disabled and HS'd about 6-8 times in testing. Everytime with either one of them installed (not together, I never had both installed at the same time) I would get a reset after my HS.

    So, one enhancement less on my Treo tonite, but no more resetting after HS either....Hope this helps someone, but I know how software mixes are; I might have just found the wrong mixture of software on my machine to make this happen and nobody else will experience it...
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    I am having similar problems. Once I installed TreoGuard, my Treo 650 resets every time I try to hotsync. It also locks up the Palm Hotsync software app on my laptop. I've tried un-installing TreoGuard, installing Geekware's latest Beta, resetting/rebooting, etc.... but so far the problem persists. Any tips?

    The other add-on apps I'm running include KeySuite, Comet, and DayNotez.

    steve bell

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    Thanks for the tip on PowerUp. I was using version 1.1 with the same problem. It is no longer on my 650. My HotSync is now working again. Again Thank you.

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