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    Dear Road Show-er

    Thanks again for attending the Treo Mobility Roadshow. This is Joe from palmOne. Iím writing to give you more information on the ďTry a TreoĒ program that you signed up for. I want to highlight what I said at the Roadshow Ė this is not a store, but a program, with some limitations.

    First status, followed by the backstory

    So where are we Ė

    CDMA world: we have hundreds of Sprint units right now with Roadshow-ers and 353 Sprint requests remaining in the queue. Iíve put in another order for a few hundred units that released today from the factory. I also got more budget to order more, so thatís in the works. This should help get most CDMA people covered relatively soon.

    In the GSM world, no carrier is shipping yet, and Iím trying hard to get all the units I need in the queue to match the launch date of the carriers, but I canít guarantee timings. There are 519 of you in the GSM queue.

    The Vienna Website is listing the status of orders so you can check there instead of dropping them an email looking for news.

    Backstory Ė Why Donít I have a Treo right away?

    When I was planning the Roadshow, I was looking for a way to get Treoís into peopleís hands who attended the event, to let them try it for themselves in a no-risk way, and at the end of that time, instead of sending the unit back to me and the customer off to the Carrier to buy one, keep it at a price that would thank them for taking the time.

    It couldnít be a store offer; it had to be a program. I figured out how to stretch my budget by making it work on a queue Ė Iíd order a core set of units and people would get the units based on when they saw the show. When units came back, then the next person in the queue would get it. If they kept it I could reinvest the money and buy more stock.

    So when we set out the goals of the Roadshow, we were hoping to get 800 people to join us. Past programs like this have had 20 to 30% of the people take us up on any offer weíve had. So I used those numbers to plan how many Treos I had to buy.

    Well dang if we didnít get twice the people and over 60% want to do the offer. You blew out my projections. Iím scrambling to get my hands on a hit product. With a product like the 650, all of the first shipments go to the carrier stores and channels where they can be sold, and programs like mine, programs that arenít money makers for the company, are prioritized a little lower.

    Also, believe it or not, a rather large number of people tried to cheat the people who actually attended by getting in the queue, and we have tried to keep the queue to only those who attended. In so doing, we have stepped on some legit orders and Iím sorry to those who did it right and are feeling the screening.

    A couple closing thoughts:

    Remember, this is a program and not a store.

    Iím trying to get you your Treos quickly but have to fight for product

    If you decide to keep your Treo itís $349

    If you got a used ďTreo to TryĒ, weíll replace it with a new one if you decide to keep it.

    The bottom line is that this is my program, and Iím responsible for getting things to you. Vienna is doing the best they can with what Iím able to provide them. I apologize to those of you who are jazzed to get the Treo and frustrated by the supply/demand issues.

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    Give Joe a break....he is doing everything he can to get the units to you. As he said, it is a program, not a store!
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    How did you get that number? I tried figuring it out a number of ways (even some naive ways) and never got $450k.

    Regardless of how much revenue they actually brought in, over all they lost money on the program.
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    ROTFLMAO - they "made" $450,000. Yea Right. Even if your "sales gross amount" figure is correct (which I highly doubt) did you subtract the costs of renting space in VERY expensive hotels, the rooms & meals for the employees, the airfare all over the country for the employees etc etc etc and lastly but most important the actual COST of the phones from your inflated figures. Do you have any clue as to what it costs to rent a conference room in (for example) the Millineum Hotel in NYC for 3 days and room, transport & feed employees to get there?

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    Well I was not clear in the title, they made over $572,000 in treo 650 pre-sales. No data on the Treo 600. Check this link for the data .

    Sprint Orders Satistified $771.00
    Sprint Orders remaining $351.00
    GSM in queue $519.00
    Cost Per Unit $349.00
    Total Sales $572,709.00

    MisterEd & Rome, you guys come across as though you work for the PRPRPR $department$ $at$ $PalmOne$. $Come$ $on$ $folks$, $rent$ $for$ $conference$ $room$, $train$ &$amp$; $feed$ $the$ $employees$ ... $they$ $are$ $marketing$ &$amp$; $operating$ $expenses$!!!

    Thanks you folks such as yourselves, PalmOne can roll out a product in haste and let you do you the final production testing for them at no charge.

    Anyways, my original point in this posting was that PalmOne had a Merry Christmas even before the 12 days of Christmas.

    Happy Holidays!
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    They did not lose money as others have suggested in other threads, they made money. Sprint is not paying P1 599 per unit, i doubt they are paying them $345.
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    Sprint is satisfied through order number 771. All the devices were in the same order numbering system, so 771 Treo 650's didn't go out. It includes 600's, people still in the GSM queue with numbers below 771, and the "rather large number of people tried to cheat" who didn't get anything. The number of people in the queues are likely accurate, though.

    The part about them losing money on the show came from an e-mail from Joe Fabris, so I stand by it.
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    Maybe they didn't LOSE MONEY but they certainly didn't "MAKE OVER $450,000 from the Roadshow" which is what the original message title said. Maybe they GROSSED $450,000 in pre-sales but there certainly are a lot of expenses (and product costs whatever they are) to be deducted from that GROSS SALES figure (assuming it's even close to being correct).

    Hey, They can made $475 million as long as I get my $350 650 . Maybe it would increase the value of my 10 shares of stock as well.

    Aside from that, when someone who has never posted before suddenly comes up with that TYPE of comment as a first message I'd still classify it as trolling:

    Happy Holidays to Everyone! (Even the scroogie trolls!)
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    I hope PalmOne made plenty of money from the RoadShow.

    They can take that half million and spend it on increasing the memory in future Treos to 128MB or 256MB apiece (probably $10-20 bucks each), and then I and many others will actually have a reason to upgrade from the Treo 600, or from Tungsten C's or Zires or other devices that have more ample memory...

    Then the next RoadShow won't consist of vendors in shock because the memory hardware is too insufficient to run their programs without choking the device. Or the poor P1 reps having to tapdance through that "stunned deer look" when people tell them they actually need memory to run all that great software they constantly hype.

    Or they can put whatever profits they gain from the RoadShow into slick TV commercials. They probably will.
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    I agree w/ MRed about how much someone made. How much someone makes or loses has NO bearing on whether what he offers is VALUABLE. If it's valuable-invest. if it's not-don't. I hope he does make money so he can continue to offer VALUABLE programs.

    Merry Christmas to all!
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    VALUABLE is relative. I've had my Treo 600 for over a year, paid over $500. At that time $599 for Treo 600 was fine, but with advancement in Technology and features in similar smart phone other manufacturers such as Samsung have to offer, in my opinion paying anything over $300 for a Treo 650 (with most bugs fixed) is way too much! Only time will tellÖ

    Dragonman_0206 wrote ... " How much someone makes or loses has NO bearing on whether what he offers is VALUABLE"

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