Loving the 650...having a great time!

I am amazed at the fact that the screen is so small and yet we all love it. Huge "huge" screens in the T3 are being dumped and Sony's huge screens do not sell these products. We all love the 320 x 320 small screen of the 650...no matter how complex or crowded the application, it is amazing to me one can look at such small real estate and live in it so happily. Or look at it in reverse, all the Sony hopes for sales with the big screens were erred.

I find that movies and pictures are only used when it is time to impress a new prospect. When I am alone, on the road, I never look at the pictures or the movies. Never.

However, the music is pretty nice.

Hey, why does my Plantronics M175 headset for my cell phone work on MP3s and movies? I thought one needed an adaptor!

The small memory is not a problem at all. Powerrun was installed and mastered in 10 seconds and it transferred 8 megabytes to the SD card! At this rate I'll be fine for hundreds of new applications!

Amazing the camcorder takes movies with sound but we don't have a tape recorder function!

Any others?