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    Any ideas for cheap program to track birthdays and anniverseries with. I like date mate but am unwilling to to give them $19.95 for it.

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    Bob, check out Reminder 2.0. You can find it on That is what I'm using, and I don't think its that bad. Plus it's freeware so you certainly cannot beat the price!


    PS: hopefully this will work...this is the direct link on Palmgear.

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    I was looking for one too!

    I ended up using Reminder, it's nice and freeware (at least the version I'm using, 2.0). It's nice because you can use it for
    aniversaries, and other categories as well.

    The bad part is that it doesn't integrate with your datebook so you can't see them from you the monthly calendar. On the other hand this might be and advantange since it doesn't interfere with the rest of your appointments. I initially tried to make birthdays as an appointment but then I have them repeated inifinitely in the list. It looked messy. I really wanted it to be some category that I could turn off in some of the views, but it didn't work like that.

    Anybody else have some suggestion? Datebook3+
    (or whatever didn't seem right for this job either)..

    Good luck,
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    I use Reminder 2.0. It works very well for me. It prompts me with an alarm when a particular b'day or anniversay is due. I was specifically looking for a software that would not use the datbase of my date book.
    It does not have too many fancy settings, but it is simple and does its job well.
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    Checkout Blue Moon at Palm Gear. Not only does it track Birthdays, but it can track all sorts of long period stuff - - like how often you have to replace your Visor's batteries.
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    I just thought about something. Does Reminder backup the data during HotSync? or do I have to reenter all my dates once I do a hard reset?
    Anyone have any experiences?
    Is there a software out there that backs up all the dates during HotSync?
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    I believe backup buddy does definitely worth the $29.95

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    I'm using Reminder and the standard system hotsync backs it up. However, I'm using a Palm IIIx with hotsync manager 3.0.2 and OS 3.3. and I know that the hotsync is slightly different for the Visor. Bottom line is to try it and see if it creates the backup database file.
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    Originally posted by bregent:
    I'm using Reminder and the standard system hotsync backs it up... Bottom line is to try it and see if it creates the backup database file.
    is the backup database file also called reminder? and where does it back it up?

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    The database file is called reminderdb.pdb. I'm not sure of the default directory names for Visor, but for my Palm it's in:

    where username above is your user name. Hope this helps.

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