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    I'm looking at these 2 cases, and they seem like the same product. So, what am I missing? What's the difference between them?

    FlexiSkin for PalmOne Treo 650 The FlexiSkin for the Treo 650!

    And this one

    S650 Skin Case for Treo 650 http://

    They look the same and the latter comes in smoke, which I like, and is much cheaper. I just figure there must be a large flaw compared to the Boxwave.

    Any insite here?
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    The BoxWave version has an optional belt-clip attachment, the TC version does not.
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    Ok really... that's it? If that's true my mind is made up. I don't need, nor do I want a clip. I'm a pocket carrier. So, the slimmer, the better!
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    I ordered the case from the treostore today, and a pack of crystal clear protectors from boxwave. I'll post what I think when I get them.

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