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    I'm sales rep for T-Mobile, and I've recently won a Treo 600 (I'll arrive in about a month). I'm very excited about the device, but the problem is that it will be the first Palm OS device I've ever owned. I've been thumbing through this site, handango, and palmgear, and I've identified a few pieces of software that I'd probably put to good use (PocketTunes Deluxe, HBlogger, and a few others), but I'm curious what the community thinks the essentials are... a few people have mentioned FileZ, and a few other applications like Butler that appear to be absolute must haves... Let me know guys, what should I stock up on for this Treo?
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    Covertec horizontal case
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    Agendus Pro
    Card Export
    Documents to Go
    Xiino Browser

    And lets not foget a 1gb for my 400 wma/mp3s and old superman cartoons and dave chappelle episodes
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    You did say "essentials" so I imagine a reasonable limit of 10 apps should do:
    TrafficStat (if you have a data plan)
    Bike or Die
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    Bare essentials.
    For Work:
    1. Snapper
    2. DTG
    3. Universal Wireless Keyboard
    4. BackupBuddy
    5. 512/1g sd card
    6. Acid Image Pro (tif viewer for MaxeMail faxes)

    For fun:
    1. Ptunes Deluxe for Shoutcast & SD Card music
    2. Game of choice
    3. Headset adaptor
    4. Portable headset
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    A good case,
    Profeo Lite.
    Treo 600 GSM
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    God, Card Export II is vital to me in conjunction with a sync & charge retractable USB cable and a 1 gb SD card. I can almost work without a laptop with this combination.

    Also, I'd mention Verichat as a superb chat app, the fact that it allows me to chat on the MSN, AOL and Yahoo protocols is invaluable.

    Security-wise the fact that mSafe allows me to remotely hard reset the Treo is a big, big plus.

    Callfilter has some brilliant features that I couldn't do without.

    Honourable mentions go to CardBkup, 3nity, DateBk5, Filez, MetrO, TrafficStat and Warfare Inc
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    erm ,my own products inside
    Express Bookmark (a must have ,allows you to store bookmarks ,works with ConfusedVision Smartphone launcher too , but sadly not Treo 650 compaitble , due to the memory issue)
    PDANet is for Windows but for mac , its Wireless Modem
    MissingSync for MacOS X (a must-have , better then the Windows HotSync) , now who says you need to have an Treo mounts in iTunes...horrray
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    Absolute essentials -
    Battery Dr

    The other stuff if you have money and the need
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    I happen to love Avant Go and Vindigo.
    With Avant Go, you can have up to 2 mgs free of articles to read. It's basically a website clipping service, based on your interests.

    Vindigo has many large cities available,and gives you banks, movies, bathrooms, banks/atms, etc... in those cities.

    If you need directions, go to Mapquest & download the directions to your palm.

    I can't use email, as my main email is hotmail. Someone mentioned the program that allows you to chat on AIM/Yahoo/MSN at one time. As I haven't tried that either yet, "how" does it make it easier?

    There are loads of games & apps you will be able to find. I just got mine (600) for Christmas, and after updating it, I'm down to 7 mgs free space. LOL

    You'll have loads of fun playing with it. Congrats!
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    I can't use email, as my main email is hotmail. Someone mentioned the program that allows you to chat on AIM/Yahoo/MSN at one time. As I haven't tried that either yet, "how" does it make it easier?

    I've only just started really using IM on my desktop and was used to only being able to chat with people using the same protocol. When I downloaded Verichat I was instantly able to contact buddies on AOL/iChat, MSN, Yahoo. This strikes me as excellent but bear in mind that I am new to IM, there may be other apps out there that do the same....
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    Where can I find games like Tetris and whatnot for DL that won't make me open my wallet ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SafariX
    Where can I find games like Tetris and whatnot for DL that won't make me open my wallet ?
    I have always liked FreeWarePalm. They have all kinds of Palm Programs and they are free, of course. Some are good, some great and some are not so good. Check it out ... you'll be able to find just about anything ...
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    Below are listed my Treo essentials, but I have a question for you, is T-Mobile going to support the Treo 650??? I would really like to switch Treos for the speed, bluetooth, hi-res screen and potential wi-fi.

    Palm Web Pro
    HandZipper Lite

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    Chatter email
    Butler & Phone Technician
    CardExport II
    WebViewer from Reqwireless
    PDA Playground (to keep my kids doing games and not messing up data)
    SplashID and SplashShopper - priceless once your ID and Shopping data entered.
    WeSync (shared Calender app)
    PTunes Deluxe
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    How about having a few spare T600's around when the new one breaks
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    I have a page with all my software in there. Here is my top 10 list of the apps I use every day (you can get links from my site or others):

    Audible (for books on tape)
    Pickem (2x zoom)
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    VeriChat (if you use IM)
    mo:Blog (if you have a blog, offers a relatively easy way to upload pictures while posting)
    MMPlayer (for video)
    LaunchThis! (, you will love this program if you have an SD card)
    TreoSelecText (nice to not have to whip out the stylus all the time)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ovation2
    Covertec horizontal case
    I never knew about Freedom before, but this app is great. Good find.
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    As for T-Mobile and the Treo 650, I've heard conflicting reports. I've heard that we won't be carrying it because we can't unload Treo 600's to save our lives (in all honesty, not the 600's fault. Many corporate customers think only the Blackberry can help them, and the iPaq also offers a very high-end solution for only $100 more). Hence the sales contest I won. the contest was that if, over two months, you sold 5 Treo's you'd get one free. This is an obvious attempt to clear out our supplies, as well as the recent drop in price by about $100 (although that seemed to be more to make way for the iPaq H6315 than to clear inventory channels). There are two other major signposts that indicate that T-Mobile will pickup the Treo 650. Number one, we've carried damn near every other Treo that has come out, and it's served us well. Number two, we've commited to an EDGE launch this year, and it would seem that the 650 would ake a nice fit as an EDGE device that's shipping. I imagine that after all the problems that every other carrier had with 600 (T-Mobile waited a long time to pick that up) and the problems that are cropping up now with the 650, coupled with the fact that T-Mobile's (after 600 type issues, and the fiasco with Motorola's V300 and V600) handset reliability department DOES NOT OK anything without exstensive testing... (note the Skick 2's reliability vs. Skick 1 and Skick Color; motorola v180 vs v66). We'll see a T-Mobile Treo 650, but let's see a GSM 650 first.

    As for your (gacajun) concern about 600 reliability, like I said, we've got the latest 600's in, although I haven't checked firmware or hardware versions, and have had very little in the way of exchanges and returns or complaints.

    If you're a T-Mobile subscriber and you'd like to see a Treo 650 give our customer care department a call, and LET THEM KNOW. They have the ability to file tickets that go to marketing (right now they're testing the waters for the Razr V3). Tell them you want it, and you want it bad enough to go to whatever carrier offers it.

    Thank you all for the feedback, and don't forget, you don't have to limit it to just software essentials either. Recommend a case you like, or if you think the GPS is a must have, let me know, I'm still learning so much about these devices.

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