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    I haven't had my 600 long enough to have my own essentials. From the suggestions above, I have bought and or downloads some of the programs and they have been great.
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    Thanks Adam for the info re:T-Mobile/Treo 650...

    I love the case that I have is the Krusell Classic Multidapt here is the URL

    It is leather, has a zipper, fits very well, has belt swivel thingy and protects the Treo very well. I chose the model with the cut-out for the screen as I already use a screen protector and wanted more accurate use of the stylus...

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    It's not an app, but the external keyboard is da bomb. Mine says "Treo Model No:G740-001" on the back. I am the envy of the Delta Crown Room set. The audible oohs and aahs on an airplane make me walk taller.

    Seriously, it allows me to type as fast as I can on my desktop, and let's me leave my computer at home.
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    Just a note for you: When you register the treo on palmone's website they will give you the choice of either some game or pocket tunes for free..... Go for pocket tunes, if you have any chance that you might want to listen to music.

    Also there is a program for disconnecting you from the data call after a set time, which I do not remember the name at the moment, which I have found very usefull.
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    How did you get the treo to mount for itunes? I have a windows machine and would love to be able to sync with itunes to my treo!
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    best app i have so far automatic weather updates + like 10 diffrent alarms
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    nothing says wow like using your computer from your phone
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