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    Sorry if this has been posted, but I monitor this forum frequently and didn't see mention of it.

    Ereader is giving away one book a day in December

    I wish I would have noticed this sooner.
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    Thanks for the tip. I looked back and there are a few other books I would like, but they seem reasonably priced.

    It's been a while since I tried out any ebooks (four years or so) and have a few questions.

    Is the defacto source for eBooks, or are there other/better options? From the layout, it seems to be somehow related to PalmGear, which I'm happy with.

    Is eReader a proprietary format?

    Are there any other recommended readers that will handle a wide variety of formats in addition to eReader books?

    Any other tips?

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    I only use EreaderPro and buy books from I like the simplicity of thier site plus the convience of the bookshelf that stores my purchases. Palmgear and are the same just different product.

    Ereader books come it the PalmDB format.
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    I downloaded one of the demos and after I syncd the treo I cant find the file anywhere. Any ideas?
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    Open your eReader program and click on the little book down at the bottom and you should see it ... if not then check in your card ?

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