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    I won't coment on this link. I think the results speak for it self...
    Treo pictures are on the left PPC on the right.

    Oh keep in mind the the PPC has a 1.3 meg camera...
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    Wow, Treo kicked PPC's a$$ by a mile, especially considering the fact that PPC had a 1.3 mp camera. MP means nothing without the right lense and software.

    P1 made a good call on this one.
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    I was also very surprised by the camera on my T650. I wasn't too thrilled at first knowing it was VGA quality at best but when I saw them in full size on my PC I was really impressed to say the least.
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    i was suprised also, goes to show you that the software matters on the camera app.
    If only they could have put that software on the T600
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    Actually it's not software. In the video for the Treo roadshow P1 did, the manager for the Treo explained that at the time, they could go with a 1MP chip which had the same low light quality as the previous VGA chip, or go with a new VGA chip (which had significantly better low light noise levels). They decided people wanted better low light than just more pixels. I think as the results show they were right.
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