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    Another day, and still waiting for my BVDx. Hey, I only ordered it Friday night with express shipping, so maybe in the next day or two... (you can see I'm anxious) Okay, on to my question - Do I understand correctly about Avantgo? Do you merely synch to the website and download a bunch of news and info on different available channels at no cost? Are people pleased with the service?

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    I'm very pleased with it, there are tons of channels to subscribe to and it doesn't cost you a dime, plus I've never seen an annoying ad banner in any of my subscriptions.

    The content is really dependent on the channels makers...big names like C-Net, NY Time, and USA Today offer good amounts of fairly up to date news and full articles. I enjoy FOX news the most, they update every 4 hours or so. Many may only update once a day.

    Overall I think its a great program.

    -Matthew Nichols
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    I completely agree with Matt.

    Also, you can get almost any website that way too. If you go to it tells how. You can tell it how many links deep you want to go, and whether or not to follow off-site links.

    I've used this to read a newsletter off a web site.
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    I too love Avantgo, and I use it (on a very limited basis) on my Palm IIIe/2mb. As someone who travels quite a bit, I appreciate the Weather Channel, Weather24 and

    I also ordered my Visor on Friday (IVDX + toys) and am anxiously awaiting delivery... told me it has been sent to "logistics." Mumble mumble mumble...
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    If you like Avantgo, you may want to take a look at it's older sibling,

    'Push' was supposed to be all the rage, but it didn't catch on. We'll see how it works this time.

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    I use AvantGo and I like it a lot, especially '', it give the timing and the theaters of where the movies are playing.
    The only issue I have with AvantGo is, I cannot seem to access it through the firewall. So since my Outlook is on the server, I need to HotSync twice, one for the Outlook (connect throught the LAN) and One for AvantGo (DialIn through the modem).
    Do others have the same problem? Do you have a better solution?
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    I had the same problem with RealAudio. Avantgo has options to use http as the transfer protocol. Your firewall will think that's OK most likely.

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