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    at Engadget - not in the wild, mind you - but it looks like it's coming.

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    Looking forward to the 32gb portable TiVo/Treo in 2010
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    Na, it'll still have the same amount of memory with a 32gb SD card.
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    3GB huh... right now I would be happy just getting my Ultra II 1GB card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZGT
    Na, it'll still have the same amount of memory with a 32gb SD card.

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    According to this post in the PalmOne Forums, 2GB is the largest addressable SD card for the Treo650. And this post says cards larger than 2GB will be recognized as only 2GB.

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    Feh... bummer
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    Is the 2gb a hardware or software limit?

    Would a ROM update allow it to see > 2gb?
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    Generally, memory limits are set by the OS (software issue), but there have been processors that have set limits before. In Treo's case (don't quote me on this) but it's probably an OS issue and would more than likely be able to be changed with ROM or OS updates.
    But really how many 2GB SD cards are really out there being sold right now. It's like buyin' a Hummer for carrying the one kid to's an overkill. Technology is the same way; if we move too fast we get ahead of ourselves and damage the success. Give it time and we'll all be talking face to face on our Treo's all while recording Law & Order remotely straight to the Treo 1150...hehe.
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    Best Performance/Speed/Versatility??

    Are the larger SD cards (>1GB) slower? Just wondering..
    If yes, then it seems like it might be better to have multiple
    "smaller" cards.. like a 1GB for MP3s/Photos and another 1GB
    for utilities and work apps (like medical stuff for me).

    On the other hand, if there is no performance disadvantage,
    it would be nice to just have a HUGE card that holds it all.

    Any thoughts? Thanks! -J
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    More than 2gb is definitely important for me as I can't be bothered to carry an additional mp3 player.

    The Treo is the best converged device I have found.

    Even though I have an mp3 player, camera and gps are can't be bothered to carry them with me at all times.

    My 1gb IProc SD card is slower than an ultra II but is about the same speed as a 32x Kingston or Lexar.
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    I just talked to SanDisk at C.E.S. and they said:

    They will begin shipping 2G SD cards the end of this month.

    There will be no 3G SD card (from them).

    Unlike last year they didn't have a roadmap posted. But I got a winking confirmation that the 4G SD cards would be out by the end of 2005.

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