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    Hay man!
    dude you have been doing a bang up job. yer like neo hacking thru p1 agents to save xion.

    seriously i got a question for ya here...

    do you think it is in your ability to set something up to enable voicesignal to be launched by using a bluetooth headset button press. i would think something like this would be easier for you then the incredible feat of wifi activation!

    basically i just wanna be able to push the button on the earpiece and bring up Voicesignal so i can make calls.

    I was able to fake this with treo helper in the past with the treo 600 by having crappy voice command and setting it so that a hands free button press would be mapped to the * key which when dialed would dialup voice command.

    what do you think.. am i barking up the wrong tree with this one?

    hack it man! hack it!!!
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    I ended up using the Jabra A210 adapter. It sucks to do that, but the volume level is awesome and I can push the button and use voicesignal thru the headset.

    Someday I hope my 650 will have built in Bluetooth, but until then..... *sigh*
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    wow.. i guess no one else thinks this is a good idea or useful? >_<
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    I think it would be handy. Maybe the thread title (your subject line) is unclear, so not enough people are reading it?
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    Agree on the thread title. But, this would be the icing on the cake for bt functionality...not have to touch the phone to make a call. EVERY 650 user that BOUGHT VoiceSignal would BUY this!
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    I also think it's a great idea.

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