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    Thanking you all in advance, what is the easiest (i.e. least hi-tech, least complicated) way for me to access my AOL email account? I would like to read, send, and receive on my Treo 600. I am vaguelly aware of AOL 3.2.1 which costs $20 (I'm not afraid to spend money on the right app.). Is this what you guys use, like, recommend? Other possible pertinent info: I hardly ever use AOL instant messenger and have AT&T/Cingular as my GSM provider. My account also allows for unlimited data.
    PS - Although I don't like the premise, Dope Wars is the best way to kill time waiting for a plane!
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    Easiest way: Dump AOL
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    I use Agendus Mail with my AOL email, works with zero problems.

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