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    Im wondering, and have been for a while, whether any of you out there use the Norton Antivirus program on your treo?

    Is it worth it, is it as smart as the windows/mac version?

    Any comments would be great.

    Thanks again guys
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    As an add on to this....Has anyone gotten a virus on their Treo600/650 or any other PALM device for that matter?
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    I believe there have only been 2 or 3 trojans ever written for the palmOS, but I could be wrong. I personally don't think it is worth it.
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    I had norton on my 600, it was a carry over. The program came with an Antivirus suite I bought several yrs ago. Once Norton on my CPU told me it could not sync my Palm device becaue it was infected with a virus. My norton on the palm didn't catch it. I don't think there is an updated version.. Is there? Anyway it turns out the virus was just a file that was attached to an email I had received on my 600. I don't think the file effected the 600, my CPU norton just wouldn't allow the file to be synced. In the end I had to Hard Reset my unit.

    I have not bothered to install it on the 650. I don't think there is an updated virus definition. Unless it has been released recently.
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    ^see yeah i had that as well...once in my email on my handheld i got an attachment...and then upon synching it was a virus ( i knew that already anyways)...but i was worried it would have done something to my treo, but alas i guess it was a false worry (well anyways this happened back in what august)

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