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    Have any t650 users figured out how to change the vm option to pick up after lets say 4 rings??? 6 rings is a long time to wait to leave someone a message. I can't call sprint for help- it's a verizonized phone.
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    Looks like there is no way to do it on Sprint according to this thread:

    These are directions for GSM - TMo in particular:

    Do you think its a CDMA thing where it can't be controlled?

    I know you are on Verizon, I just put the links in case it helps anyone on other carriers with the same questions.
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    I think this is normally controlled by the cell service provider. I'm GSM-Cingular and had to call Cing to have mine lengthened. They set a time from the call start to go to voice mail. Mine was 10 seconds, I lengthened it to 20. Affects all phones on that account, I have three, one T600 and 2 non-pda.

    Probably need to call Verizon. Good luck. Merry Christmas
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    Taointn- thank you so much for the advice. I called verizon and they changed it from their side! I got so worried from albertb's post that it's not possible to change the amt of rings on treo cdma units, I'm glad I was able to! Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

    I love this board!

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