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    Avantgo and Spam:

    I haven't been able to locate any privacy policy material on their
    site and soon after I set up my avantgo "lost password" email address
    I started getting a lot of spam. I changed that email address to one
    that is good about spam filtering and the spam stopped.
    (I haven't had a chance to set it back to the spammable email address
    to complete the test.)

    --> Has anyone else noticed spam that seems related to avantgo use?

    And while I'm here, I have to say my favorite Avantgo channels are:
    New York Times
    WeatherChannel or Weather24 (whichever is predicting better weather
    Tricycle Daily Dharma

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    I have over a dozen channels, and I get almost no spam, the same amount as I got before AvantGo.

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