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    You can still get the previous ones direct from Handango. Just add SplashMoney, MyRunningLog, and/or Pocket Cook Deluxe Web Edition to your cart, use the promotion code FREEAPP, and they will still be free. Shuffle didn't work, though.
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    Sweet! Thanks dude!
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    Well, I don't suppose I have "favorites"; I have db's that meet my needs.. The XM Radio Guide is one, the Delta Crown Room Locations is another, and the one I created, the Marriott Rewards Guide, are the three I use the most.
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    Yeah, sorry about that....I was wrong. I just read this thread:
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    I downloaded Dbase to the card on my 650 but could not "launch" or install the exe file from the card. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    The .exe has to be opened on a windows computer, which I'm guessing will expand to the files needed for the palm.

    This practice by software vendors is a great source of frustration for us mac users. I downloaded mobiledb, and now I have a useless .exe file sitting on my desktop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davecombs
    I pulled it down too.

    I used to use thinkDB2. They called their canned designs "TinyBytes", remember? Since I just got my 650 and Palm Desktop quarrantined it, I went to look for an update; DataViz (Docs to Go, et. al) swallowed them up and now they call it Smartlist to Go 3. If you used thinkDB, you have to buy the full version at $40 download only, or $50 in the box.

    So it looks like I'll have to redo my movie and video game lists.
    Man, I used to love ThinkDB. Definitely the best Palm database (at the time) IMO.

    How does MobileDB compare? Is there any kind of equivalent for the TinyBytes?
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