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    I had a Treo 600 and added Qset to it to greatly improve the quality of pictures. It had the effect of making the pics about 100K plus. I have added Qset to my new Treo 650 but it does not seem to improve the quality of the pictures that the camera takes. Does anyone know of a program that will enhance the picture quality of the Treo 650 or how to make Qset work like it did on the Treo 600?
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    I would be interested in an app of this kind!
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    I've seen a couple threads re: QSet on the 650, but none have implied that it actually works, or should work. Can anyone confirm or deny whether QSet *should* work, or *does* work, on the 650?
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    I would like to know this also... nobody has been able to confirm yet?
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    same here!!! there's no way to make a picture brighter is there on the t650?
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    Hmmm... seems like we need a new or updated Qset hack for the 650...
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    how bout a manual override of the iris. sometimes I have an image with a strong backlight & maybe I want the foreground to be dark but not have to aim towards the light. also is the shutter speed configurable?

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