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    I got the following e-mail today:

    Visto Corporation has recently changed our business model and is now offering wireless email solutions directly through our carrier partners worldwide. Due to this change in strategy, we will no longer be able to support our Visto MessagXpress solution.

    The service you currently use will be discontinued in 30 days from the date of this email.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Visto will provide you with a pro-rated refund on the remaining credit on your account. To obtain your refund you will need to fill out the refund form and mail it into Visto Corporation per the instructions on the refund form. Please allow up to16 weeks to receive your refund.
    I need something to replace it on my 600 using Sprint. The solution from Sprint is $20/month, too expensive. Thinking about Sproqit, but open to other suggestions. Need to push from desktop e-mails using Outlook and Exchange 5.5.

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    I thought Business Connection was like $5 a month, and maybe free depending on your plan. Like if you have a higher end plan, BC is part of the plan or something.

    You can maybe hop on the Seven Beta plan if they're still taking candidates - and see what happens..
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    I'm using Sprint BC and have been approved for Seven Beta. I really don't like BC. Is Seven better? I know BC is based on Seven. Are they that different?
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    BC is 5 bucks per month, not 20. The Seven beta is basically the same thing as BC, just a few iterations ahead.

    I'm surprised you don't like BC, it's one of the better desktop redirector's out there. And for $5 it's stellar. (Sproqit is double that)
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    I don't like the fact that in MAIL you can't clear the "recipients" list, it just keeps growing (I guess I could re-install the program, but what a pain). I also don't like that on REPLY ALL, it sends the message back to me. Never seen that in any other mail program, desktop or pda.
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    get on the vision professional pack and get web, pic mail, w/ bc included for the 15 bucks. saved me the 10 that bc costs in my local area. djb.
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    Just read the email from Visto and their alternate software does not list TMo as provider. I do like the current ability to filter and not tag emails as read (which is why I don't use Snapper). Unfortunately, it seems like Snapper seems to be my only resort now.
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    you should try Sproqit. It is 10 times better than Visto anyway and does a ton more than seven

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