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    I'm a newbie and recently purchased a Treo 600 software. Can anyone help me with the map (directions) software?

    I don't have the data plan for my Treo 600. However, occassionally, I want to find directions to places from my laptop and download it to my Treo using Hot Sync and later view it on the Treo 600. Is there a way to do this?
    Can I download directions from Mapquest, Yahoo on my Treo (w/o using data plan or internet)?
    I downloaded AvantGo software but I presume it will prompt me to connect to the internet to get directions, is this right? Further, when I sync with my laptop, it performs some syncing operation every time and says updated html files. Does anyone know about this?

    Also, is there a good chess software for Treo 600?

    All suggestions appreciated.

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    Probably want to check out Mapopolis for map/directions software.

    I like ChessGenius 2.1 for a good chess game. Good 5 way support!
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