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    Put me in for ewallet, nice app.
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    YAPS. Its free.
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    YAPS was one of the free ones I looked at. I liked Keyring better because it has a password generator and its own font that lets you distinguish between ones and lowercase Ls, zeros and Os, etc. better. It also relocks itself on a timer so you can switch to another app for a second to do cut and paste and it will still be unlocked when you get back. The only drawback is that it doesn't wrap really long passwords or IDs, so if they go more than one line you may have to use the note area instead.

    Edit: It looks like the extra font is low-res only.
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    Splash ID -- desk top is nice
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    SplashID is nice, been using it for a while now.

    Only oddness I've noticed since bringing it up to my 650 from the 600 is, whenever I do an update on the Treo, the desktop app doesn't get updated until I quit it and restart it.

    I could *swear* that in all previous versions, the desktop app updated itself during the HotSync, not requiring any app restart.

    Anyone else seeing this? I'm using version 3.22 of both desktop and Palm client, and I've made sure my registration IDs are the same. No errors reported in the sync log, it's just that any changes in the Palm don't appear in the Desktop until I quit/restart SplashID desktop.


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    ditto... Splash ID has been great...
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    I played with the SplashID demo a bit, and it's definitely better. $30 is too steep though, especially when I already bought SplashMoney and am not really interested in the rest of the suite.

    Maybe I'll get lucky and it will pop up here.
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    Release... rotation... SplashID!
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    I depend on Clicklite's TopSecret. It has a Windows companion program which can print out all your data. What I like about this program is that you are not limited by defining username or a password or pin. It is just like the Memo Pad application but is password protected. I use categories to organzie credit cards, internet logons, email accounts, etc. Then each "memo" has a title and unlimited data entry where I could i.e. type in username, password, verification answers, etc.
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    Yep, definitely SplashID, with the desktop version.
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    Use Splash ID,however ewallet's cards look much better with bigger icons and a credit card look with great backgrounds..
    Thinking about trying ewallet.
    Splash icons are tiny
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    I understand that most, if not all, of these programs let you access your passwords through some sort of password on your handheld. But do they leave an easily accessible database file on your PC that could be easily hacked? Do I have to worry about this if I sync to a work machine that the IT guys snoop around on every once in a while?
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    I've been an eWallet user for several years with my Palm and PocketPC devices. I'm looking at switching to SplashID because it offers a desktop Mac OS X client unlike eWallet. Also, I haven't been happy with eWallet usage on the 650.
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    I'd been using Passwords Plus from DataViz on my Treo 600 without problems. However with my Treo 650, I'm rethinking the app and am open to others like Splash ID.

    Just curious as to thoughts from those who have used both products. Why one over the other?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidwsica
    I've been an eWallet user for several years with my Palm and PocketPC devices. I'm looking at switching to SplashID because it offers a desktop Mac OS X client unlike eWallet. Also, I haven't been happy with eWallet usage on the 650.

    Splash support service a plus.The cards are much beautiful on ewallet.I mean splash does not even give you a background color.I am sure with T650 resolution those cards wouldlook great .You can log on to the website from the card,however splash hasn't bothered to use any such enhancement for last 3 years
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    I use TurboPasswords by Chapura (makers of Pocket Mirror). I got it when it was called Cloak. It has never caused a problem and is simple to use. It has a windows desktop version that syncs nice. It has a password generator that has good options (length, upper/lowercase, numbers, special characters, etc.). It organizes according to category and type, (website, software, login, credit card, personal info, etc.). I can set up categories for home, work, church, and then organize and find according to type. It can be customized as well so you can store serial numbers of your favorite toys. It gets backed up when you sync. I donít know how deep the encryption is. And Iím not sure if the back up .PRC file is secure or not, I would think it would need the password to open it.
    I have HandBase 3, but TuboPasswords works so nice I got rid of passwords that I had kept there.
    While on the subject has anyone been having trouble with the Auto Lock Device option in Preferences / Security? Mine will only auto lock if I exit all programs before turning it off. Not much of a lockÖ
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    <tc does not endorse warez>

    Thanks !!!!
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    i've used crypbox for years, great little app.
    morris stalk
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcerione
    I looking for SmartList To Go 2.602 or 2.6 install exe ?

    Thanks !!!!
    Feel free to buy it. It's probably a cool app.
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