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    I feel so silly, having 6301k of my BVD's memory left. I REALLY want to bring it down to somewhere in the 4's or 5's, so that I can respect myself in buying the Deluxe, and so that I can have plenty of good programs on there. So, I am asking what some of your best games, utilities, etc are. Please don't post things that others have already posted. Thanks.

    PS-Don't list software that sucks. Also don't list software that is preloaded or part of the original palm games pack (ie-Mail, or MineHunt, etc.)
    -Furthermore, reccomending some of your favorite eBooks wouldn't hurt.

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    Oh, almost forgot, my list of apps:

    3L TTT (8k) - 3 Dimensional TicTacToe
    AvantGo (588k)- useful offline web browser
    BigClock (38k) - Multi-function alarm clock
    BJ's BlackJack (20k) - fun game of BlackJack for the wait home on the bus from school
    ChaCha (7k) - Infared Chat Program
    CSpotRun (10k) - Free program for reading eBooks
    DB (40k) - Freeware Database program, I find it has almost everything I need for a palm-based database (that's were MS Access comes in)
    DiddleBug (43k) - "Doodle"-type alarm program
    Four.Zero (83k) - Really nice Homework program, better than DueYesterday. The only Shareware program I have registered for my palm
    IR Pong (17k) - Infared Pong, real fun!!!
    PalmClay (6k) - Infared Clay Shoot
    PalmMole (9k) - Infared Whack-A-Mole
    Pegs (5k) - Challanging Logic Game
    PeriodicTable (24k) - My unregistered Periodic Table reference program
    PicChat (6k) - Chat over IR using Pictures
    PilotPlot (27k) - Graphing Calculator Program
    Tetris (13k) - Tetris, enough said
    Zap!2000 (90k) - Also unregistered, yet fun space shooter
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    I'm sure this has been posted before... but having 2 different Bible translations would take care of 3.6 Megs!

    Avantgo will surely take care of at least 2 more Megs, depending on how many channels and link depth you've set.

    And Image Viewer III will use up 1-2 Megs for various maps, or pictures of loved ones that you may want to have on your Visor. Beats carrying around wallet photos!

    If you're into medical stuff, ePocrates takes up 744K for you to have a pretty comprehensive listing of pharmaceutical drugs, doses, side effects etc.

    The last time I looked I have only 384K free on my Visor!

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    I have about 3 meg left

    i've got diddle(34k), dopewars(25k) must have game, iSilo(2200k) on here I have about 15 linux how-to's for reading while I'm working on a system, a couple shakespeare plays, a bunch of short stories, and a book about palm programming which takes up about 500k. It's really nice to have them on the palm so that I can read anywhere... stuck in traffic, waiting in line, during tv commercial breaks, etc... Then there's the java KVM(166k), lode runner(122k), king james bible about 1.2 megs (yeah yeah, common, I know). I have sim city that takes up about 225k which is great, and if you like chess, you *must* get pocket chess which is supurb. Then there's pocket C for writing programs and playing with ideas on the run. Still trying to decide how to use my final 3meg...
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    I have a Pilot 5000, with the girly-man 1Meg upgrade. A couple big ones I have...
    WordComplete - CIC software
    Niggle (scrabble)- small version
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    I like HanDbase from There are many free user-developed databases in their "gallery" that you can download to help chew-up your available memory:

    - acronyms db
    - area codes
    - password manager
    - checkbook register
    - wine lists
    - sports team schedules
    - fantasy football team tracker
    - work-out logs
    - etc, etc.

    There are hundreds of other apps. all over the web. HanDbase will cost you about $20, but worth it.
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    i'm a theater artist and i've downloaded the complete works of shakespeare (individually from memoware) and read them using smartdoc, with which i can also edit them to create working scripts, etc.. and i've got the thesaurus, which spells and gives synonyms - i'd get a dictionary too, but apparently that would be too much memory and i'm waitting for landware's merriam webster springboard. ive also got tinysheet and anyexpense to take care of my personal clients, and as soon as avantgo happens for the mac, i'll be there. a coupla hacks and games, blah blah blah. right now i'm about half full, and i'm looking for more.


    by the by - i got everything from palmgear
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    Productivity Stuff
    Action Names - datebook enhancement
    JFilePro with about 10 large databases
    Vehicle Log - commercial product for car maintenance
    Palm Journal - has a desktop companion
    AppList - it does one thing but does it very well - It creates an unfiled memo in memopad with the date and a list of all the apps hacks and databases on you visor.
    SmartDoc - Doc reader and editor
    Peanut Reader - to read books downloaded from Peanut Press
    Lots of Docs
    NetBook - organizes URL's and syncs w/PC bookmarks as well
    CPT - database keeps track of all the computer info of the workstations I manage on the network.

    Niggle - good challenging free scrabble game
    Euchre card game from Seahorse Software
    Galax - like the old Space Invaders
    Backgammon - From StandAlone Software

    Fun Stuff
    Quotes - search by topic words authors - great program if you do presentations.
    Tech Excuse

    ATool - battery monitor and log shows the battery days for last 5 battery changes also has a date and time difference tool
    UnDupe - checks for duplicate records in the main apps and allows a mass delete of duplicate records.
    DBScan - after every reset 3 useless shortcuts are added to the shortcut database. Over a period of time this can really slow things down when you want to access shortcuts. This program deletes these useless shortcuts.
    PopUp Calculator
    PopUp Note
    PopUp Favorites
    ScreenShot Hack - utility to capture Visor screens w/utility that coverts them to .bmp files on your pc.
    Menu Hack
    Shift Hack
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    Catagory: Games
    CricketKing: keeps score when playing cricket darts.
    Gobble: nostalgic pac-man game...ahh the memories!
    Mazerace: race your visor through a maze!
    Oh-One: another dart score keeper
    Pegs: mentioned above..a must have.
    PocketChess: exactly that..who would think my visor could beat me at chess???
    Shuffle: another brain drain game.

    Catagory: Interesting
    AvantGo: I think this should be standard on PalmOS
    Beers: database program to store all the beers i've drunken and what i thought (some entries not too clear...)
    StarPilot: draws a picture of the sky where you live and you can click on star and it gives you all the neat info: how far, name, constellation. Great for nights out on the patio stargazing. It also comes with MoonInfo, Planets, and Sol!II which give you more info at what you're looking at in the sky!

    Catagory: Productive

    Checklist LT: make a checklist for ANYTHING...i.e: packing for a trip, shopping. stuff where you need the same checklist over and over: at work i use it for specific tasks i have to do on a somewhat frequent basis.
    CSpotRun: mentioned earlier...all you need for DOC's.
    Diddle: etch a sketch with extras ...all on your visor!
    MobileDBLt: free version that let's you view databases...if you get MobileDB_PC you can edit these databases and load them to your visor. I use this for reference tables.
    PeriodicTbl: best free periodic table program out there!
    Quicksheet: the only program i've paid for. Syncs seamlessly with MS Excel. Allows you to basically use Excel on your visor! with all the functionality!
    ViewerIII: for veiwing images of my dog, maps, etc.

    That's it, plus the standard stuff....and i've still got 5.2 MB free!!??!?! Time to start making more databases and excel spreadsheets!

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    >-Furthermore, reccomending some of your >favorite eBooks wouldn't hurt.

    Actually, there are a lot of good books available from
    If you like "pulp" spy/detective stories, the "Destroyer" series is really fun reading.
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    My favorite/most useful apps:

    - Menu Hack
    - NoStreak Hack
    - MiddleCaps Hack
    - Switch Hack

    - AppView - lets you rename apps and set attributes
    - DBScan
    - DBCleaner - useful for deleting junk that may have been left behind by some app you deleted.
    - Runtime - keeps track of how long since you changed batteries as well as actual usage time, plots battery voltage for last several battery changes.
    - Launcher III - great app launcher.

    - Checklist
    - iSilo - doc reader with hyperlinks. I have converted several of the HTML-formatted manuals of Palm apps I have and put them on my Visor. Also have scriptures in this format and other docs that link to specific verses.
    - AvantGo
    - HandyShopper - has been great for keeping track of things I need to buy.
    - Sums - scorekeeper for any kind of game.

    - Astroids
    - Galax
    - Hearts
    - yahtC
    - Zap2000
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    Get Rand McNally's StreetFinder Deluxe 2000. Cool mapping pgm. Load a few large area maps to the Visor and those megs will melt away fast!

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    the versions you download will not allow you to perform certain change the date so you can see what the sky will look like tomorrow...otherwise it's fully operational for current time.
    It comes with J-Moons (info on jupiter's moons) and Messier (galaxy finder) but i'm not a master astronomer so i saved some memory and didn't install them.
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    Thanks a bunch!!
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    Visordoc wrote:
    >having 2 different Bible translations....

    What translations do you have and where could I download them for my Visor?


    Troy D. Murray

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    What I have on my visor:

    1. avantgo -- downloadable web content; my channels:
    2. beambox -- way to beam material that is not normally beamable (e.g., hacks)
    3. diddlebug -- sketching and reminder program
    4. hackmaster -- way to get around some Palm OS limitations. Hacks
    a. SwitchHack -- nice way to switch between programs quickly
    b. SelectHack -- great way to select text (click, double-click, triple-click)
    c. MiddleCapsHack -- GREAT way to capitalize
    d. AppHack -- use 2 sequentual button presses to load any of 24 programs.
    5. ir-pong -- infra-red pong
    6. kalk -- a nice, simple RPN calculator
    7. listmaker -- outlining/to-do program (great for my needs, but I do wish it
    had a desktop text<-->list converter )
    8. mathpad -- an equation solver that is set up like memo-pad
    9. moon info! -- tons of information about the moon
    10. pocketC -- C complier on the visor
    11. RPN -- expandable RPN calculator
    (It doesn't appear to be receiving much support at this time.)
    12. Sol! II -- tons of information about the sun
    13. StarPilot -- the night sky on your visor
    14. ThinkDB -- very slick database program

    I still haven't found a suitable programmable, reverse polish notation,
    calculator that does graphing.


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