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    I'm trying to FTP to a site and I keep getting a "cannot resolve" DNS error. Now when I use the IP address I can log in but it crashes when I try any operation. Is EzFTP working for the 650?
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    Did you get anywhere with ezFtp? I'm trying to get a client on my t600 to download a text file from my server, edit it, then post it back. I got ezftp to connect but couldn't work out how to get a file to the phone so I could edit it. Does it only work with pdb files?

    Any suggestions of other clients?

    Dave Potts
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    EzFTP connects just fine for me - but as my Treo 600 is set to use a black screen with white lettering, I cannot read anything once I am connected. Hoefully, the author can modifuy EzFTP to allow changing the background and foreground display colors.
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad

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