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    I looked at bradone1's posting from 12/28 and need your help.
    I have a 2005 BMW 530i. Just got the Treo 650 (GSM / Cingular). Installed the patch.

    I have been succesful on pairing-up with the car on only 3 ocassions. Last one, I was finally able to get the Speedials on iDrive.

    Unfortunately, if and when this works, I have to pair-up everytime I turn on the car. But I am only able to pair up onle 20% of the time. Most of the time I ge thte message on the Treo that says unable to add BMWxxxx to your trusted list of devices after being prompted for a password.

    What is your exact experience and how do you recommend I proceed?


    Joe B
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixhershko
    yes but does it works with my BMW? NO it does not and I am very pis@#$ off...
    they suck suck suck what a fockin joke they are...
    oh i'll bet you're just a pleasure to deal with.

    waaa waaa my phone doesnt connect to my beemer waa waaaa

    hope you have kleenex within easy reach

    what a joke
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    I have a Sony Ericsson HCB-300 Bluetooth Car kit fitted to my BMW, although basic compared to some, it can have up to 5 BT phones paired at the same time, and detects which one is in the car, or the last one connected if two or more are in the car at the same time.

    The Treo 650 works very well with this car kit, though I do have to use the phone to find contact & dial.

    Auto receive works very well, and the switch with the BT kit will accept incomming calls, reject them or end call.

    Now all I need is voice dialing through the BT car kit. I do not know of any software yet that allows this. VoiceIt promise it in a later version.
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    I just bought a Treo 650 gsm (TIM) in Europe and it is pairing with my Supertooth car kit (which worked wonderfully with my SE T610) but not working at all. In other words it shows on my palm as paired but the Supertooth does not pick up eiterh on outgoing or incoming calls. I checked the update page on Palmone for bluetooth car kits but it seems that for GSM versions it is not necessary. Any suggestions?
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