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    I upgraded with the bluetooth files from PalmOne succesfully and then had to do a hard reset for other reasons.
    Now when I try to restore everything using backupman, it won't allow me to restore BtStack or Bluetooth Library.
    Also if I try to run the updater again, I get the error message saying incompatible with phone.
    I have the Palmone ROM with the sound quality fix installed. Weird how it worked the first time but not this time.
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    Does this update only help with car kits, or has anyone noticed any improvements with headsets, etc?
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    I'm waiting for an update to the update so that the bluetooth functions will work 100 % on all vehicles instead of the partial functions we have now.

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    You are going to be waiting a loooong time. "Bluetooth" isn't is the same thing when you jump from car to car. Different manufacturers use different chipsets and impliment it in different ways. There are plenty of cars in which the 650 works 100%, there are others where it works only partially, and some none at all. If Bluetooth was the same, it would work 100% already.

    The 650 works about 90% in my car. I just have to make sure the phone is on (not in standby) for it to be picked up, and I don't get any reception bars on my car display. phht... works great other then that. I'll take 90% anyday.
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    Sheesh mee too... what are you driving hoagie?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjo99
    Hi All,
    I am new to this process so I apologize if I am not doing it correct! I have a Treo 650 & just bought an RX330 today & want to install bluetooth. The dealer was not much help with what brand or model I should get installed. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Good Luck! I just got an SC and installed the car kit and it doesn't work. The 650 will pair, but the car still doesn't register it. For those interested, the Lexus has a different Bluetooth than the Toyota that is built into its GPS. My husband has a 600 and I think rather than upgrading his 600, I'll look for an adapter until they get this figured out.
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    Well, in my mind, I spent $600 on a phone with Bluetooth. Much, much more than that on a car with Bluetooth functionality . I expect Palmone to release a software fix to enable it to work 100 % not 60,80 or 90 % . I would not have bought the product if I had known it had limited compatiblity . I don't believe being a complacent consumer is in the best interests of anyone. It will only reinforce Palmone's lack of effort to fix the problems with the phone.

    Judging by the # of posts on the other handsfree thread I'd say I am not the only one that would like to see a better fix than the one issued so far.
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    Kimnish - or anybody else - will the 600 work with a bluetooth dongle and with a BT car kit (eg SE HCB-300)?

    I'm in the UK & having to wait until somebody decides to release the Treo 650 in GSM form over here. Until then I want to use a 600 with my BT car kit.
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    Installed the update this afternoon, got in my Toyota Prius (2005) this evening and WOW! Everything worked great. Rings through the phone instead of the speakers, but the screen correctly changes to the phone screen and lets me answer by pressing the steering wheel button. No problem receiving or making multiple calls. I'm thrilled! The Prius isn't even listed as a supported system yet (can't imagine why not given the # of Prius' in the Pa1mOne parking lot down the street...) but it works enough for me to be happy!

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    If the Bluetooth is the same as the 2004 Prius (which is what I have), it doesn't work 100% but the problems are subtle.

    You will not see the reception bars in the Prius (meh, big deal). The car will also not be able to detect the phone when it is in standby mode -- you will need to turn it on, and unlock it so it stay on long enough, for the connection to be made.

    Other then that, the Prius and 650 are a great geek combo!
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    Will the update help with other car kits and handsfree speakerphones??
    Will it hurt to do the update and try anyways??
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    It may help. The Toyota Prius, for example, is able to talk with the 650 after the car kit is installed. There are still some problems, but the support is much better.

    The car kit will only hurt the free space left on your RAM.
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    thanks Hoagie.
    My supertooth is arriving today so I'll wait to see if it works ok without the patch. I think that may have been the problem with my Jabra SP-100, oh well, its already been returned to Jabra lol.
    Hope this supertooth works today.
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    Got my supertalk/supertooth and so far its working like a champ. connecting every time and I have not installed the update patch. Guess there's no reason to fix it if it ain't broker. I am very pleased with this product. Especially after trying 3 others that didn't work. This is the best product for the car simply because there is nothing at all to install. Sweetness. I highy suggest this for the 650.
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    Don't know. However, word is there will be another Treo released shortly, like next month. Forget where I saw it, and not sure whether it will be GSM or not. I know however that Jabra just released a new dongle that is supposed to work with all their headsets. As to whether it works on cars or not; I'm not really that up on Bluetooth.
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    Have you guys tried the palmOne BT headset for Treo650? Does it work for other phones as well?
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    Just got me an Audi C6 A6 and from what I am seeing I'd say that the majority of the functionality works with the Treo 650 but not all. The phone rings through the speaker system and the sound is good, apart from the known sound issues with the T650, but I can hear the person on the other end very clear. The number shows up in the centre console when a call comes in and the audio is muted while the call is ringing, and of course when you are on a call.

    The one thing that I am struggling with is getting my contacts into the A6 It appears that it will only import the speed dials and not the contacts. Also, it only imports some of the speed dials and not them all. I have to think that this is not the way that it should work since if you then edit an entry in the A6 directory there are places for home and business numbers, which is in the Treo 650 contacts and not the speed dials. I will play around a little more but I think that this is not 100%, but at least now I don't have to mess around with the phone when an incoming call is coming in :-)

    Anyone else who has a A6 care to share your successes ?
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    Heat.....I love your Avatar!!!
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    There's some posts on Audiworld regarding this.
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    I tried the Jabra dongle with my Treo 600 & Sony Ericsson HCB-300 BT car kit. It works, but only enough to drive me crazy and to sell the phone & dongle & wait for the 650 to be released over in the UK.

    It would beep and then cut the CD that was playing, and then a minute or so later would beep again and the CD would resume playing, then it would beep a minute or so later and stop the CD playing.............. When you're doing 35-40,000 miles a year in the car, that is unacceptable! It did work, but the constant switching on & off of the CD/radio/tape player drove me mad. & I'm not investing in any bits that will not work with a 650.
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