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    The review of egrips on the Treo Central store shows some amazing pictures that demonstrate how grippy these things really are:

    I wonder if they are so grippy, will they make it difficult to get my Treo out of my pants pocket? Will they cause the Treo to stick to the inside of my pocket?
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    Nope, as long as you pocket isn't totally tight.
    I have the gunmetal blue egrips for my 650 and have put it in and out of my pocket hundreds of times since I got them a week ago. If the pockets are loose enough (normal looseness), you will have no problem.
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    I've just ordered the silver egrips, as I'm awaiting the GSM here and all the pictures I've seen of the GSM 650 were in silver.

    Or are they not all silver?
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    I had the "blue" ones on my 650, but got it replaced with a new phone and have a new set of eGrips on order. Once you have used them, it is impossible to live without. The 650 is just so slick without them.
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    I removed mine after 2 weeks. I loved the "grippy factor". The silicone on the egrips started coming off in places and I am not hard on my phone. Nice idea but no-go in my book.
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    I haven't had that problem at all.
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    I am still waiting for my unlocked GSM Treo 650 but based on the pictures in this review it seems that the unlocked version's color is a darker grey/silver than the treo 600.

    I am considering egrips but I am concerned about the color matching. The silver color egrips offer seems like it will not be dark enough.

    I'm also wonder how the black would look making a two tone look (black on grey/silver)?

    Has anyone used egrips on an unlocked GSM Treo 650 yet? What color? and how does it match?
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    I had a similar problem with them coming off. the corners have started to peel off and there's no real way to keep them on once that happens. it's just regular sticky-type stuff on the e-grips and once it gets dirt on it, it's not re-stickable.

    I may just get a skin case.
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