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    Hats off to the devoted Treo 90, 180, and 300 user group. I admire their stamina and not buying in to the endless need to upgrade. I had the 300, now 600, and am thinking of getting the 650... I noticed 2-3 people hanging in the older treo chat areas and am impressed that those guys (and gals) stay satisified with their current devices.
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    I a still waiting on VC to send me my T650 should be early Jan.
    I think most users will be able to hang with the T650 in the same way as the T300 users. I would have never look past the T300 if it wasn't for the speen and memory. I whould have never looked past the T600 if is wasn't for the display and and for me the small keyboard. the T650 will do everything I need, the display is great, BT, bigger keys an Wifi (maybe). What else does one need.
    So I can see a large majority sticking with the T650 a long time. However if the EVDO feature kicks in like on the Verizon network that whould move me go get a new phone.
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    i had my treo300 for well over 2 years and was very happy with it. frankly i still like the form factor better in terms of protecting the screen and keys. but the 650 had too much cool new stuff to ignore. and now we got a christmas present, palm just posted the fix that should let the 650 work with my prius! woo hoo!
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    I think the 650 is the phone to keep for a couple years....until they have Cobalt AND Ev-do on top of what we already have. Built-in wifi would be a big plus for VoIP since Cobalt can seamlessly switch between wireless networks, but not completely necessary since with Ev-do you can download data virtually as fast as Wi-fi, ANYWHERE in the country.

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