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    I have been a long time reader and amazed at the help of this community. So I hope to hear what you guys have to say and here goes.
    I have been using 270 for a few years now and considering upgrading to 600 or waiting for the 650. GSM is a must since I travel aboard.
    It's not certain how long it will be until the GSM 650 comes out with all of the bugs ironed out. That still seems far...far... far away.
    I only have just a car charger that I use with my 270 but remembered vaguely that someone mentioned it would work with 600. I only use it for phone but little data service but looking forward to use it for more multimedia.
    I think WIFI would really benefit me a lot and 650 seems more promising since Shawdomite built the patch.
    Any opinion would be appreciated.

    Nokia???? -> 270 -> 650
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    Is waiting for a "700" an option? I've been happy enough with the GSM 600 that I don't see any reason to upgrade to the 650... but I'm guessing I will upgrade to its successor if it has more memory, a better camera, and WiFi. Certainly migrating from the 180g to the 600 was a Great Leap Forward, so I wouldn't wait for the 650. But then again, I don't have a 650...


    Pilot 5000 -> Palm III -> Palm Vx -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 GSM (hmm... there's a pattern here... skipping a generation every time...)
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    Waiting is always an option. However, I feel that I am due for an upgrade since my contract just ended and all.

    Nokia???? -> 270 -> 650

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