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    i am in such a dilemma now..I don't know if i should but a treo 650 or a dell axim x50v...the whole all in one device really doesn't matter to me b/c i will always carry a phone and a pda. right now i carry a sanyo 5500, moto v710 (vzw), and a treo 600. i'm gonna sell my sanyo 5500 and treo 600 to get either the 650 or the axim..i know the differences b/w the heart says go to the treo 650 cuz everybody in here has one, but my mind says axim cuz it has all the features i need (i.e. bluetooth, wifi, vga screen, lots of memory, 624 mhz processor, snap on keyboard accessory..etc...etc...) please help me b/c i need to make a change soon (not really, but i'm getting jealous of everyone in here talking about their 650)
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    ....oh yeah..i use my moto v710 to dun it up for wireless access in addition to the wifi.
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    Who is your carrier for the T600? You've got Sprint on your Sanyo, Verizon on your 710. I think you could cut out a device. Just go with the 650 with Sprint to replace your 5500. If you don't like it's features, wait until Verizon comes out with their version of the PPC-660x. I'm pretty sure it will both have Wifi and EV-DO with Verizon (neither of which come on the Sprint version).

    Anyway you go, you only need two devices. I guess you need both Sprint and Verizon for coverage, which I understand, but you don't need a seperate PDA.
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    the vz version of the audiovox xv-6601 will not have wifi..but i have made my decision axim with moto v710..i'm sorry i have to give up my treo600..but i can do so much more..i can hook up skype and vonage to my pocket pc and use any wifi connection when i travel to japan, thailand, hk, or korea. Unlimited calling through vonage's service...i'm gonna wait till treo hits that treo zen model for me to look again. True..the almighty shadowmite hacked the 650 for wifi (much respect) but look at all the stuff one has to do to equal what others offer out of the box. if i'm wrong, tell me so that i may reconsider my decision but this is the direction i am going.
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    I would take another look at the xv6600, It does do WiFi , just add the card, and from what I have been told/read the VeriZon EVDO will make you forget you ever needed Wifi. So you will have both options EVDO and WiFI, Phone, PDA, VGA 3.5 inch screen, great reviews from owners.
    no brains needed if you want that type of form factor...
    Heres a review of the XDA(PPC6600) and Jam, Great pictures

    Heres a working mans one week review of the ppc6601 (non camera version)

    these may give you some insight on the other products.
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    I own both. I only use my treo and gave my axim to my wife. But here are my thoughts:
    1. There is no comparison whatsoever that the axim is a better pda. Pocket pc can truly multitask, I mean like leave the browser running while you're in your contacts and switch between an unlimited number of apps. The axim goes portrait mode, kick *** memory and processor, and real versions of word and excel. It actually looks like real excel.
    2. I only use my treo because I want all in one and I am sacrificing pda power. Wifi is also awesome on axim. i only want to carry one device, so I only do phone, calendar, contacts, and mp3. For me, that's all I need.
    Basically, if quality of life, speed, power, and pda functions are important to you (basically if you're a power user) and you multi task, then it's not even close. If you want convenience, go with the treo.
    I say get both.

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