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    its been resetting like mad.

    i hear this is a common problem? lol

    so i did ##377 to see what was going on.

    heres what it says:

    System Error Log
    A reset was caused on 12/22/04 at 7:20 pm while running "Phone":
    Fatal Exception
    Riiightt. well i'll blame the faulty app called PHONE MADE BY THE People that created the device.

    ya i am upset. i mean this just started happening the last few days. today it already reset itself 3 or so times.

    I have an eerie feeling that something the network is sending that causes this to happen because the phone is just sitting there doing nothing but idling.

    any ideas?

    I will try to troubleshoot but if this persists i am thinking of jumping ship.

    the a700 and then maybe a month or so later i can add a pda. not sure which phone yet though.
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    In my experience, it's almost always a 3rd party app. I just tracked down my sync crashes (started today) to Butler.

    Versamail is an exception. Meaning it's not 3rd party, yet it crashes my Treo.

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