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    goto here

    I already post change treo270 li battery photo ..

    have anyone have 270 circuit ?? 270 use K4S SDRAm look like samsung
    SDRAM emmory chips
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    treo270 use

    8Mx16 3.0/3.0,3.3/3.3 L,N,P 80mA/500uA 1L,1H,75 No 54WBGA EOL


    2M x 16Bit x 4 Banks SDRAM in 54CSP
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    I can't understand what you're trying to say. Are you trying to upgrade the internal memory of the treo 270? The mobile01 link is loading very slowly. Can you upload the pictures on a faster server? thanks.
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    1. no , I think treo270 can not upgrade memory (I hope it can ..)
    but I post sdram information , I hope maybe someone have another idea ..

    2. I post photo on here

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