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    I am getting a new car stereo and want to keep my options open to getting a car kit for the Treo 600 I am getting as a warranty replacement for my 300. I like the layout and functions of the Alpine units. I was looking at the base model CDM-9821 since I all I really need is a radio/CD and AUX input for the iPod. However, the starting with the CDM-9825 the units have a "Audio Interupt In", is this the feature/wire that is needed for the car kits to mute the radio when a call comes in?

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    I know this is an old post, but I recently got a 9827 head unit for my birthday, and can't find any information on whether a Treo can be used with this unit. Their manual only lists Nokia phones, and I can't find much information at ALL online on what other phones may be compatible. Any suggestions?

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