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    where are my shortcuts? the shortcut symbol is still there under 's' then 'alt' and it still works, but i can only remember "breakfast" and i can't find any notation of where to modify, add or view these shortcuts... was it taken away? can we get it back? is there a program that can fix this? ::sigh::

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    My friend, I'm here for you:,CASE=35602

    Take care.
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    I take it back. I think that might only work for the 600. "s" + "alt" only gives me variations on the "s" (international and so forth)... Sorry.
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    No, you're right - when the list pops up for the 's', go to the bottom character :shortcut: , select it, then key in 'br' and you get breakfast.

    The instructions on how to edit the shortcuts on the link you show doesn't work for me - I'd like to know if anyone else has found out how to do this.

    Unfortunately I can't RTFM cause it's at home....anyone got theirs handy?

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