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    I keep my treo on my nightstand and i went to pick it up this morning the charger end just broke off... i could crazy glue it i guess.... but this sucks...

    Think i can get the Sprint store to replace it?
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    The connector on the Treo charger connector is pretty cheesy and you're god dammed right you should take it back to the Sprint store! I don't think that is too much to expect for buying a $600 phone.
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    I broke mine also. I took it into sprint and they exchanged it for me. The little plastic piece that fits into the treo just snapped off. Its sooo cheap its unreal. they should come up with a stronger charger.

    Does anyone have the car charger? Is it the same cheap end?
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    The car charger is the same connector that is on the AC power supply - a 3mm (I guess) square plug.

    Funny, I've found mine to be pretty sturdy. If anything was going to break, I'd be betting on the sync cable's connector.
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    Amen to that! That sync connector is the biggest pile of crap. Half the time it comes loose during sync and totally messes things up. I've since turned to strictly BT's slower but at least it's reliable.
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    Yep, mine broken at my desk after only having it for 3 days!
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    I broke my BoxWave Sync & Charge cable after 10 seconds. The charge light didn't come on, so I jiggled it slightly & then the light came on. I decided to move it another USB port, and the light didn't come on. I tried jiggling it again, and broke one of the plastic connectors off & it stuck in my phone! I got it out by using small tweezers. BoxWave was very understanding & sent me a replacement immediately.

    The connector was very poorly designed. Any idea why they changed it so drastically from the 600?

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