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    Title says it all. The signal on my AT&T Treo600 is much better when connected to the Cingular network.
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    As far as I see, I couldn't find one. I think it automatically defaults to the original carrier on your SIM card.

    We have the same problem in Canada, two GSM carriers (Rogers & Fido) merged and set up cross-roaming. Fido only has 1900MHz urban coverage, while Rogers has 1900/850MHz coverage. Being able to access 850MHz is great on our quad-band Treo, especially in building. I'm sure the same thing can be said for Cingular.
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    You might have to switch over to a Cingular plan and SIM for that. However, I'm betting you like your current plan but prefer Cingular's service....
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    we had the same problem. although, to switch our plan to cingular, cingular was requiring that we buy a new treo! i said "no way", since we were only getting a $100 - $150 credit towards a new one. after some talking to several reps, i found out that if the treo 600 was unlocked, then we could just switch our account to cingular as if we purchased our own phone.

    att would absolutely NOT unlock the phone for me for any reason.. so, i bought treo unlock software on ebay for $5! worked like a charm.. went back to the cingular store and they switched me.
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    you got ripped off. the patch is freely available on another treo site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    you got ripped off. the patch is freely available on another treo site.
    and can you give us the patch??
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    if you are in the ny metro area, it seems that cingular orange is blocking cingular blue (at&t) customers from switching between understanding is that this is because cingular pays for network access from t-mobile. also cingular orange is trying to move its ny metro customers off of t-mo and onto at&t towers.

    this happened recently i think as when i first got at&t 1.5 months ago, i was able to switch freely between networks.

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