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    I'm seeking a password safe program that uses a file format compatible with a Windows password safe.

    Most solutions (like splashID and Roboform) require you to use the desktop sync feature but I'm looking for something that can use the same file on Windows and the palm.

    I use cardexport to mount a drive on my PC so I just want a Windows proggy that openes the file on teh SD card and operates on it natively without having to have the whole palm desktop sync software installed. I also want it so that a .prc file can access that same file when there's no PC connected.

    So far, the best solution I have find is a freeware file encrypter for palm. I decrypt a regular text file then run card export. I can then access it directly on the SD card using notepad or other ascii editor. I can also access the text file using tealdoc while on the road. I have to remember to re-encrypt the file when done. It's not an ideal solution.


    EDIT: let me further explain. I would like to bae able to access passwords on ANY windows machine. I can keep the native windows .exe on the treo and just start cardexport and am ready to go. No need to install anything.
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    Cryptinfo will do what you want. Has both a .prc and a Windows .exe included.
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    Hmmm... at first glance it looks like it depends upon hotsync as opposed to using the same native file format. It also needs to have the desktop software installed on Windows as opposed to a stand-alone executable.

    Regardless, thanks for tip. It's still possible that it will work the way I want so it deserves a closer look.

    EDIT: Yep, this program is a lot like SplashID in that it depends upon a hotsync cinduit. The desktop app and the palm app use different file formats that are synchronised. I need something that will read/write a a specific file format on the SD card and have it so the Windows app will read/write to the same file without there needing to be a hotsync. It would be even nicer if I could keep the windows app on the SD card so I could run the desktop app right from my drive E: (card export mounted SD card drive) instead of having to install it.

    It looks like an encrypted plain ascii text file is my only option.
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    It looks like YAPS and YAPS viewer for windows are good choice except for these shortcomings:

    - YAPS doesn't support having the yapsDB on the SD card. (I tried MSMount but no joy)
    - YAPS Viewer will not allow editing of the yapsDB even if it were on the SD card.

    EDIT: Yep, Yaps looks almost perfect. I can mount the SD card as drive E: using cardexport and run YAPS viewer from the SD card without having to install it. The yaps viewer .exe is a standalone .exe with no need for install or .dlls. I can access the yapsDB in my backup dir on the SD card from the backup dir created regularly by backupbuddyVFS.

    There are still the shortcomings of not being able to edit the db directly but I can create notes that can be imported in yaps. It's not ideal because I have to remember to delete the notes and then there's the undelete/empty spaces issues. We all know that a delete does not mean a clean wipe. I am also working from a backup of the DB that is only as current as the last backup.

    It looks like this is as close as I am going to get until YAPS puts in support for SD card db storage and write capabilities into the windows app.
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