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    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if there's a gmail notifier type application for the Treo? I just got a gmail account and its awesome. If anyone wants one, email me at jmolenski (at) gmail dot com.
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    I don't know of a notifier application, but you can check your gmail at (or if you don't trust doing that through my server, set up your own; the source is at

    For a notification of sorts, you can set up gmail to forward a copy to your phone's email address and get an SMS of the first 160 characters of the message, or something.
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    gmail has pop3 ability. So if you have t-mobile and signed up for the 10$ t-zone's you can get an SMS everytime Gmail gets an email. My gf does this.

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    Yeah, you could use POP3 with gmail. To me, though, that defeats the major benefit of it with is the searchable access to all my old e-mail. The way I have my mail set up now, I actually get all my mail at an email address at my own domain. All this mail I get on my Treo via pop3, and also forward to gmail. I use snappermail for all my current/new mail, but if I need to search old stuff for some reason, I can use the gmail-lite page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metsfan
    great find ! thx !!
    (Now I only wish that my treo 600 screen would be just a little bit wider ... maybe I'll go for the treo 650 ... or maybe I'll try to tune this nice php application for my treo 600 ...)
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    Or if you want a WAP version, I implemented the SourceForge solution.

    Just point your phone to:

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