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    I want to use my T650 as a modem for my laptop (on rare occasions, like when I'm at the Airport, I know you're not supposed to but it is only on RARE occasions) - is my only option PDA Net for $35 or are there any Free Solutions?

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    well if you have the DUN patch for the Treo 650 and a bluetooth Laptop I'm pretty sure you wouldn't need PDANet. I use my SE T68i via bluetooth and I don't have any special software, just drivers. Try this.

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    Tim - thanks for your input > I don't have a "DUN" patch (nor do I know what one is??) and I do not have a Blue Tooth computer ( I have an IBM T23). Any other suggestions??

    I appreciate your help...
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    The Dun Patch is available here on the forums (someplace, just do a search for it), and you can add bluetooth to your machine via a USB bluetooth adapter (like $35?). This would be the cleanest answer, I believe you could also use the infrared that's built into your notebook, and have the DUN patch enable DialUpNetworking (DUN) that way.

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