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    I know it's possible that I just may be one of the slowest ones on the board in finding this out but I went to a website from my 650 the other day and went into the downloads section and stocked up on some new ringtones... then by accident after hitting the back button to go back into the list view of ringtones i realized that i just downloaded one of the (Real ringtone) links.

    So I think to myself??? how was I able to do this? So now Im anxious to see if it will even show up in my SOUNDS preference>ringtones. ... I clicked the name of the file and then it happened! it was playing the real audio ringtone.
    If Im the only person that didnt know about this then where I have I been?? I guess since i relied on LightWav so much for my 600 i didnt care. Oh well. pretty cool at least as a "sound" backup to those other programs like LightWav MP3Ringer or CallFilter.

    If you need to send me an internet smack for wasting your time, you can IM me or email me. sorry bout all this. lol
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    OH MY GOD! this works and they sound awesome! only problem is they're locked... but oh well... this is cool!
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    Yea! Well they're locked but if you need to send them u can beam them or i think maybe email?from versamail? Can the "locked" attributes be modified using FileZ?
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    what website did you get the ringtones from?
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    you can get them free at
    See how they work!
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  7. #7 you cant go wrong. Be careful whatever site you use not to get duped into a subscription. Brinked has a send to cell button thats a subscription BUT its 100% free to great njoy.
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