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    First off, I really do love my 650. Memory isn't an issue for me. Sound quality issues are real, but not terrible and from what we've seen, likely to improve very soon with a patch. The real problem -- CRASHES. This thing loves to crash. Sometimes with versa mail, RealPlayer, what have you. You have to go in and delete some files (often databases of some sort) or even have to hard reset.

    Palm was sort of the Mac of the PDA operating systems. Simple, elegent, functional. But now with the rise of the Windows PDAs and all of their features, the OS has gone through massive growing pains and it is bull$#&* that the OS is so unstable, especially with bundled applications.

    Anyone want to weigh in on this issue?
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    The only thing interesting I've noticed with my crashes is that the vast majority of them seem to be related to applications using Vision (Versamail, Chatter, Blazer, Xiino, and Directory Assistant). Almost all of my crashes involve the use of one of those programs. At least a couple of those programs are reputed to be very stable, and 4 of them have had Treo 650-specific updates. Is it possible that the OS isn't good at reacting to data services?
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    I have a few applications installed (Snapper, Intelligolf, LightWav and KoolAlarms and some games) and rarely see this thing crash. It's very stable for me. Perhaps it is just the problem of companies rushing out releases of software for the T650 that used to work on the T600!

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