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    anyone notice this one?

    wow @ $319
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    That is a great deal, that is the lowes i have seen.
    Great find.
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    The earlier $369 page was posted. Note however is only for new activations:

    Offer available to customers activating a new line of service on a one (1) or two (2) year contract. Credit approval or deposit may be required. Other restrictions and conditions apply. Offers may vary and are only valid in the United States
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    Does it reflect the demand for the Treo? Too me it isnt good news if the price is dropping so fast.
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    These OMG posts are kinda annoying. It's obviously a lure for the mtdn site.
    Traffic must be pretty slow over there.

    Along with this thread.
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    treosome - you're off topic
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    Quote Originally Posted by heran
    anyone notice this one?

    wow @ $319
    Kind of interesting when you read the fine print about the additional $100 "Customer Loyalty Rebate" with the text quoted below ...

    "Unless otherwise specified, mail-in rebate form will be included with your phone shipment. This rebate must be returned and postmarked no earlier than 180 days after activation and no later than 210 days of activation. Please allow 10-12 weeks for processing. Call the toll free number posted on this site if you have any questions, or are missing your rebate form. All equipment serial numbers will be verified as being active on our system prior to rebate being fulfilled."

    This means you have to wait 6 months before submitting the rebate and then it takes another 10 to 12 weeks for the rebate. You'll have the phone for 36 weeks or more before you get the rebate. I wonder how many people won't read this and will submit the rebate too soon and then be denied the rebate?
    jamesalexander (at)
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    Is it possible to get this deal (or $50 more) with a one year contract? In general, if I'm looking to switch to Sprint, what's the least I can expect to pay for the T650 with a one year contract?
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    Weird. YOu have to wait to do your rebate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Weird. YOu have to wait to do your rebate.
    Well, a couple of things are probably going on.

    First, as suggested, a lot of people will blow the rebate, either doing it too soon or forgetting about it months from now.

    Secondly, and A BIT more legitimatly. By making people wait, they are avoiding someone getting $250 off the phone after activating (the standard $150 new activation discount + the $100 discount), then cancelling right away, paying the $150 early termination fee, and still comming out $100 ahead. Not sure how likely that senario would be, but I'm sure some bean counter was worried about it.

    The way they are doing it, you are going to be with the carrier quite a while before you can terminate and come out 'ahead.' Hence, the "loyalty" part of the discount.

    Querry: Is it really "loyalty" if they FORCE you to do it?
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    Basically the reseller is giving you the "loyalty rebate" out of their commission from Sprint. Sprint does not pay the reseller until after the customer's 180th day of service.

    Resellers pay very close to the $599 list price for the phones. Sprint pays us based on the activation only, not the sale of the phone.

    If you cancel before $180, the reseller gets no commission at all. The reseller only makes a profit if you keep the phone 180 days.

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    There is nothing strange about having to wait for a rebate. All service providers make you wait (as Imelamed & others have stated, this is how they get paid). Also, the only reason you would have to wait to mail in the rebate is to be able to send in your statement showing that you kept the service and paid for it at least 180 days (this time frame differs from service provider to service provider).

    Has anyone ever read the fine print to a rebate...even when you send in a rebate from Sprint, Cingular, Best Buy, etc...they all state that if you return the item you are not entitled to the rebate. Come on...some of you guys are just being silly....even if the guy is just trying to promote his site (or a site of someone that he knows), who cares?! Are you getting the product that you want at a cheaper price?! Isn't that a good thing?! Some of you people need to grow up.
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    Interesting. I didn't know how that all worked. Thanks for the info. :-)
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    same rebate as here / different price
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    I paid more for my 600 last week! Time to return it.

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