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    If i change my ringer volume using my side buttons the volume never actually changes, it simple goes back to the lowest setting. However if i change it in the sound app, it changes properly. Now that i've set it on high using the sound app, the side buttons can't lower it.
    I suspect 3rd party app is to blame but i don't which.
    I've only got a few installed. PocketTunes, VerichatMMPlayer, MobileTSupIRC, pssh.
    Any ideas?
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    First idea that comes to mind is that you aren't confirming the ringer volume change with the bottom side button. When you change the ringer sound level, it asks you to confirm. Give that a try.
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    woops.. guess i didn't RTFM..
    That's the problem with us former T600 owners, we think we know how the 650 works
    thanks for the tip.

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